Welcome to Western Solar Ventilation Systems

Western Solar Ventilation Systems have the widest range of solar powered exhaust systems in the world! Each solar powered ventilation system has been designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia. Our products are extremely environmentally friendly and range from large solar powered fans for warehouses to small solar fans suitable for small enclosed areas like patios, indoor pools, caravans or even out-back toilets.

Solar Powered

For every kilowatt of energy produced with solar power up to one ton of carbon is not emitted into the atmosphere when producing equivalent power directly from fossil fuels.

Energy Efficiency

Solar ventilation also assists Builders and Architects in achieving the required government energy efficiency levels by reducing energy consumption and lowering green-house gas emissions.

Solar Panels

The solar panel works tirelessly, even on some light, cloudy, windless days, producing free energy to maintain a cooling, refreshing air flow.

Solar Ventilator

Our solar powered extraction fans require no electricians, no permits and they are easy to install virtually anywhere… in houses, garages, greenhouses, sheds, patios, workshops, granny flats and even large factories. Wherever a continuous flow of fresh air is desired Western Solar will provide the solution!

15 times more effective than whirlybird

Our solar powered exhaust fans will remove trapped heat from a Solar Span patio or roof. Being thermostatically controlled they can remove up to 12 000 litres per minute only when it is hot. They are bug proof and can be combined with an open/close vent to prevent the loss of warm during winter.

Our solar powered ventilation systems are up to 15 times more effective than a whirlybird system which continues to remove warmth from the roof during winter. The sun provides free power to remove up to 12 000 litres of heat per minute only when it is hot, as the thermostat switches the solar ventilator off when the temperature drops, thus the warmth remains within the roof when it is needed..