Ventilate Your Patio or Sunroom. We're the Only Company in Perth Who Can Ventilate Insulated Patios! Fans Run 24hrs a Day All Summer with No Ongoing Running Costs

Patios and sunrooms can get very hot and uncomfortable in our summer heat, just when you want to be using them. They’re also challenging for many people to ventilate due to the unique materials used in their constructions. But not us! Our unique custom ventilation solutions are perfect for these types of applications. For example, we’re the only company in Perth that can ventilate foam insulated patios.

Our high quality solar powered fans extract up to 10,000 litres of air per minute per fan from your patio or sun room, bringing in clean air that’s up to 20 degrees cooler, 24 hours a day.

Once installed, the energy that powers the system is free. Not only will you have a cool and comfortable patio or sunroom, but you won’t have to worry about increased energy bills like you would with air-conditioning.

100% Australian made with high quality European components. 5 year warranty on all parts
Designed to reduce risk of disease and illness from airborne contaminants and pollutants in your property
Unlike our competitors, our systems run 24 hours a day from solar with no ongoing running costs
Incredibly energy efficient. Award winning design which is eco-friendly and good for the environment

We Will Design The Perfect Ventilation System To Cool Your Patio or Sunroom

Having an unbearably hot patio or sunroom is no fun, and almost defeats the purpose of having an outdoor space to relax in. Our Day/Night Solar Ventilation System pump up to 10,000 litres of hot air per minute out of your patio, replacing it with fresh cooler air.

Because every patio and sunroom is unique or systems are too. The number of fans it will be useful to install depends on the size of the space, whether it is insulated and the type of material the roof is made out of. You may also like to include wall fans to push the air towards the ceiling of the patio and then out.

A lot of patio roofing these days are constructed in a layered fashion, with the metal sheet of the roofing laminated to foam insulation. Because of this many companies will refuse to ventilate patio roofing. Our systems however are perfect for these types of applications and we are happy to work with any type of insulated or non-insulated patio to install a ventilation system.

Why Choose Solar Ventilation from Western Solar?

Unlike Regular Whirlybirds or Solar Vents, Our System Runs 24hrs On Free Energy

It stores energy during the day in a lead acid or lithium battery and then utilises this energy during the night. Most other solar ventilation solutions only work during the day. Whirlybirds only work if there is wind or power you pay for!

Help prevent allergies, illness and disease

Our system helps reduce the risk of allergy, illness and disease by extracting airborne contaminants like dust, fumes and other pollutants, keeping you safer and healthier 24 hours a day.

Australian designed and manufactured

All our products including Lithium batteries are made here in Western Australia. We source the best European components and build everything by hand to perfection and a patented design.

Exceptional cooling with no ongoing running costs!

Western Solar Ventilation Systems run entirely on grid-independent, renewable energy, providing exceptional cooling with no ongoing costs. Greatly reduce your reliance on airconditioning! Most competitor products are not efficient enough to properly cool your building.

5 year unconditional warranty: 3x as good as our competitors

We offer a 5 year unconditional warranty on all parts and installation. Remember that our units run 24 hours a day whereas the systems our competitors install only run approximately 8 hours per day. So even if they offer a similar 5 year warranty, we guarantee our products for three times as long.

The Original Patented Day/Night Ventilation Design

We are the only company in Perth offering this innovative day and night ventilation system for residential and commercial applications. There is nothing else like it on the market. Comparative installation cost, huge savings over the long term.

Work Safe Award

Our systems have been recognised for their safe and efficient operation by being awarded with the highly regarded “Work Safe Award’ and are on the forefront of Solar Ventilation technology.

Built to last and practically silent extraction fans

Our expertly engineered domestic ventilators have been rated for Category 5 cyclones. High quality European components mean we can guarantee all our parts for 5 years, and they run with almost no perceivable noise.